What are Gas Inscriptions?

Gas Inscriptions ($GWEI) are the first cross chain inscriptions minted natively on the LayerZero v2 network. Inscriptions are simply metadata appended into the data field of your transaction. By minting these directly to the LayerZero network, inscriptions become natively interoperable between chains and can exist anywhere.

How do they use LayerZero?

Users select their inbound source chain and all desired destination chains. Upon minting, your inscription is sent to the selected destination chains through the LayerZero v2 protocol. When the inflight message is delivered, your $GWEI inscriptions will have landed on the selected destination chain. Each inscription mint (ex: 1,000) on a selected destination chain is a unique LayerZero transaction.

What are the mint details?

There is a total supply of 4,000,000,000 $GWEI, with 4,000,000 total $GWEI inscriptions at 1,000 each per transaction. Each transaction has an associated LayerZero protocol fee, along with a Gas protocol fee. Users will see their inscriptions as soon as the LayerZero inflight messages are delivered.

When can I bridge my inscriptions to other chains?

Upon full completion of the mint, users will have the ability to bridge their $GWEI inscriptions across chains using the LayerZero protocol. A full inscription technical spec will additionally be released at this time.

What is the leaderboard for?

Users who mint $GWEI inscriptions will have their total inscription count labeled on the leaderboard. Upon full completion of the mint, the top 1,000 users by inscription count will receive a Gas OG NFT.